​​​​​Planning and booking complicated trips online can prove it as daunting:

Think about it.  First there’s deciding where to start a search, with choices including Expedia or travel aggregations like Kayak or direct sites for hotels, airlines etc., and user-review sites like TripAdvisor.  Something that I can do for you in less time than it would take for you to do it for yourself.

Then there’s reading fine print and weighing the cost of hidden charges — bundled costs and fees verses non-bundled airline fees schedules and more costs, & add the obstacle to comparing apples to apples. Finally, there's the time it takes to put together all the disparate and often non-refundable pieces.

You will get more for your money and you can save a ton of time. 
Spending hours and weeks researching the perfect trip can take up a ton of time during a busy work week. Carmela Murray Travel Agency will spend a little time getting to know your request to put together an entire vacation for you, customized and delivered to your inbox.

Setting an Itinerary
While some people enjoy “just winging it,” a travel agent can give a clear-cut schedule of what will be happening on a day-to-day basis, and keep clear records of everything that is included in the trip.

A travel agent can help map out exactly how much a trip will cost so there are no surprises. Answering questions like, Does that excursion on Monday include lunch or do you have to buy your own? Does it pay to take the drinks package on this cruise ship or pay for the excursions in advance? A travel agent can guide you and save you money by taking the time to read the small print for you. Carmela Murray travel agency reserves-the-rights to use in-house coupons and discounts which will be included into your overall price. All in accordance with your budget.    

Things happen. A travel agent can offer you insurance in a number of ways from guaranteeing that the hotel is safe and the company running the excursion won’t rob a traveler too actually advising on which insurance policies are needed from trip cancellation to medical emergencies as your safety net. They also insure that travelers will have available the correct travel documents.  When things do go wrong, travel agents have the resources and the contacts to get travelers to the head of the line.  Carmela Murray Travel Agency is licensed to sell travel insurance policies costing you just pennies on the dollar amount of your total vacation price matter of fact this travel insurance through my agency is often cheaper than policies from Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity or even Kayak.  

It does not matter where you might have purchased your travel from.  Contact me about our low prices on travel insurance.  Travel insurance is essential.  

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