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Note: Yes, my time has value and what I do for you is I aim the travel search geared towards the particulars which you will need.  I offer an efficient search for a best price using my own personal network, to give you my friends and family discounted itinerary.  

Donations are Select and not limited to:
Booking donations are for friends and family from my personal travel inventory accounts. It is always good to have an experienced person to work with you and as a part of my friends and family pricing, all fares AND prices come with a up to the minute BEST PRICE GUARANTEE. 

*$25.00 per 1-2 airfare seat purchase.
*$25.00 per 1-2 seat or 1 compartment on Amtrak, RT
*$25.00 per Cruise cabin purchase.
*$25.00 per Hotel or Resort suite purchase.
*$25.00 per HOUR on group rate search purchases.  
*$25.00 per HOUR on excursion search purchases.
*$25.00 Per Car rental purchase.
*$25.00 Per Travel Insurance Policy 
On the International  travel it is necessary but not mandatory to get the insurance.  I will prepare your quote.

DO NOT WORRY, Pricing Strategies Are My Specialty!! 

Refund Note: My refund policy is simple, in the event of any cancellation all donations are non-refundable.  Also, Carmela Murray Travel Agency Consultations reserves-the-rights to use my account and its in-house coupons and discount codes which will be used but not factored as a cost total.  All  prices are considered as non refundable fares.  At times,.... itinerary cancellation is non-refundable so without a travel insurance policy in place I highly recommend the purchase of a Travel Insurance policy.