Increase the attendance at your events….

Attract new faces at your events by hosting a an advertisement of a door prize give-aways as an extra added feature to your event. Host your raffle or door prize give away using our services & destinations as a product to receive an extra added volume of interest for your event.
Might we suggest you manage it in several different ways.  You can charge an extra raffle fee or just include the raffle with the price of your entry ticket.  Certain laws do apply depending on the geological state where you live.  I have all of that information available for you.

Door prize a affordable 7 night vacation or 4 day 3 night luxury accommodation, maybe even a cruise.   You give the participants 18 months before it will expire.  All you need is to give a raffle type ticket along with my business card and I manage the names and phone text information.  Simple yes?  You can expand the interest of mutual awareness & attention to your events for the price a vacation.  
Picture this, send a lucky guest to The Grand Bahamas as a destination gift or a weekend at the nearby Disney World Resorts in Orlando can be your featured prize.  ​We also offer vacations in Aruba, Carribbean resorts, in Puerto Vallarte or Cabo.  Give your upcoming event a definite WOW factor.  

Call on Carmela with your purchase price inquires: (213) 590-5632