Marina Motel Chalmette
5353 Paris Rd., Chalmette LA 70043
*Motel luxury grades a 2.8 out of  5.0 Star level* 
This Motel review receives 4.5 stars average with it's customers rated as clean & comfortable:

*Outdoor pool, Grills, Jacuzzi, Beach & Bayou behind the Motel, Restaurant & a Casino on the premises.     


CHOICE of Reservations:  

All totals include tax:
$851.24  suite & 2 Queen Beds,
Non Smoking,
July 5 – 9  (1 room left)

$761.60/ 2 Queen Beds
Non Smoking
July 5 – 9  (8 rooms left)

$392.00/ 2 Queen Beds
Non Smoking
​July 5 - 7  (1 room left)

$723.52 / deluxe couch & 2 Queen Beds,
Non Smoking
July 5 – 9  (3 rooms left)

$638.40 / deluxe couch & 1 King Bed,
Non Smoking                
July 5 – 9  (1 room left)

$672.00 / 1 King Bed,
Non Smoking                          
July 5 – 9  (1 room left)

$627.77 / 1 King Bed,
July 5 – 9  (1 room left)

Non-Refundable Deposit Required:
$135.00. The deposit is NOT included in your selected room rate & possibly your travel stay date modifications are allowed.  I can also provide you with airfare travel accommodations as a separate price or as a package. 

Distance to the venue via I-10 W 8.8 miles (24 min) from the Superdome, via Claiborne Ave 11.6 miles (20 min).   

​Distances to the M-B Superdome:
​French Quarter          1.4 miles
​Mid-City, LA               2.5 miles
​Metairie, LA               5.5 miles
Chalmette, LA            8.8  miles
​Kenner, LA (airport)  12.4 miles      
​Laplace, LA               28.3 miles 
Slidell, LA                  32.7 miles

​​Check-in time starts at noon  Check out is 11AM. Minimum check-in age is 21.  If a late check-in is planned give me a call to continue the reservation. Store your luggage at the motel as the event itself starts on July 5, 2018. Concerts happen on July 6th 7th & 8th in 2018. 

Payments & credits
The fees and deposits apply and the deposit is NOT included in your selected room rate. The remaining balance will be collected by the hotel during your stay. The price shown above DOES NOT include any applicable hotel service fees, charges for optional incidentals (such as minibar snacks or telephone calls), or regulatory surcharges. The hotel will assess these fees, charges, and surcharges upon check-out.

Be advised:  A good morning party coach to the venue each day might be added dependent upon the participation of the rooms rented. 

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Marina Motel Chalmette has received great reviews:
4 stars
Nice motel away from the hustle and bustle of New Orleans but within 20 mins of the French Quarter.
The suites were updated and well kept.
Front Desk and housekeeping were friendly and accommodating.
I would not hesitate to stay here again.

5 stars
This has been one of the best motels/hotels I've stayed at! Let me start by saying the staff is so nice, but especially the house keeping staff! That are the sweetest ladies and are always wearing a smile on their face! My dog absolutely loved them as well and he can usually spot good people :) on the way here I got a little nervous bc the gps took us through a sketchy neighborhood but when we reached the area the motel is in I felt relieved. It's a nice, safe area and the motel is just outside of the busy part of town. There is traffic that passes by but it's nothing compared to in town traffic. The rooms were nice and clean. I always bring an antibacterial cleaner when traveling to wipe everything down with and usually the room is covered in dust and lord knows what and my white cloth is brown by the end. Well I got my cloth out and started cleaning and to my surprise by the time I was done my rag wasn't brown! In fact, it was still white! This says to me that they take pride in their work and actually clean the rooms very well. The view is great! There is a bayou behind/beside the motel and there are always fish jumping around. I watched the sunrise from the second floor and it was gorgeous! If I'm ever in the area again I will be staying here for sure!

4 stars
Excellent value on the outskirts of New Orleans.  My favorite room is 126.  King bed, kitchen, big fridge, comfy couch and a flat screen TV, looks out over the marina.  Diner has fabulous cheeseburgers and tasty breakfast.  Would highly recommend this establishment.

4 stars

Great location,  close to the city, but quiet marsh all around.  Rooms are simple and clean and my bed is always very comfortable.  Best deals are the first floor suites facing the marina.

5 stars
"Surprisingly extraordinary experience that I hope I have the chance to repeat!"

If ever there was an argument for trusting my instincts, my recent week at the Marina Motel in Chalmette was it. With most of the major hotels in the heart of the city totally booked and/or outrageously priced for jazz fest, I took to the internet to find a reasonable, nice, safe place to stay. Most of the smaller hotels, and those outside of the city had at least a couple of negative reviews, and not many of them looked as nice as this one. After spending weeks looking at online ads for many hotels and motels in the New Orleans area, I finally booked this one, on impulse.

The rooms were spacious, tastefully decorated and immaculately kept by the cheerful and always accommodating housekeeping staff. There was a desk to do my work, a table to eat at, a flat screen TV, free Wifi, wake up service, a view of the swimming pool and the river, a refrigerator, a microwave, a hairdryer, a coffee pot, and daily packets of coffee. The desk clerks were on call 24-7 and always made sure that our every request was catered. The food in the restaurant was very good, even by New York standards. There was always space in the parking lot, right in front of the hotel entrance. The area, while far from the beaten path, was quiet, safe, scenic and easily accessible, with the river on one side of the motel and green pastures on the other.

All in all, I'd say this was a five star experience at a two star price. You'll be very happy you stayed here.

5 stars
I've recently stayed in a room here, as it's close enough to the French Quarter without the outrageous price. I didn't expect much out of this motel due to its modest outward appearance. However, I was pleasantly surprised! The room was spotless and smelled fresh, with the brightest white linen that I've seen so far in any motel. The food at the café was delicious. The one aspect of my stay that sticks out in my mind, for sure, would be the friendly and fast service and the hard work of the employees. The laundry lady (I think her name was Mary Ann), despite carrying enormous loads of laundry up flights of stairs, while drenched in sweat, quickly got the laundry that I requested. As I turned around to go back to my room, a hundred dollar bill fell out of the shallow pocket on my shorts. Rather than picking it up and keeping it, the laundry lady called out, "Miss!" and handed me the money that I had dropped. What a life saver! Had I not gotten my money back, I would have not been able to fully pay for my additional one day extended stay. In an environment like a motel, it's especially important to have honest employees that you can count on to do the right thing. I will recommend this motel to all of my friends during spring break!

3.5 stars
I forgot this place was here after Katrina, when they had the Mac & Cheese showdown at the Farmers Market in Arabi i samples there's and i like it. My wife and I were trying to decide on which place to get lunch, we both wanted Poboys but i also wanted some Mac & Cheese. I had already tried most of the other places in St Bernard so we figured we would try them out. We ordered a Cheeseburger & Shrimp Poboy, Onion rings & Fries, Fried Boudin Balls. When we got the order it felt like a bag of bricks they really give you allot of food enough to make 2 meals out of it. Both Poboys were good, the cheeseburger had a ton of well seasoned meat, the Shrimp was good with lots of flavor. The Mac & Cheese was pretty good not exactly the same at the Showoff but still pretty good. The Fried Boudin was ok it was missing something, the fries were the typical generic flavorless fries and we got a shit load of them, 2 full dinner boxes full. Overall the food was good - will go back next time i am craving Poboys and Mac & Cheese. They are located on the side of the Motel you will see when your in the parking lot, but from paris rd you might pass it without realizing it is there.

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