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Monday -Saturday
And 24 Hours For Any Travel Emergency.

Administrative booking fees for service are both applicable and worth it:

*$15.00 per car rental.
*$15.00 per airfare seat per purchase.
*$15.00 per cruise cabin per purchase.
*$15.00 per hotel/resort suite per purchase.
*$15.00 per hour on group rate searches per purchase.  
*$15.00 per hour on excursion searches per purchase.
*$15.00 per multi person travel insurance or car rental insurance policy per trip.

Note: As you already know time is worth the value & the fact is that I aim to please.  I offer you a quick & efficient search time. 

Be Advised:  At times, itinerary cancellation is non-refundable without a travel insurance policy in place. 

My refund policy is simple, in the event of any cancellation your administrative charge will be non-refundable.  Carmela Murray travel agency reserves-the-rights to use in-house coupons and discounts which will be included separately- into your over-all price .  All  prices that are considered as non refundable fares are clearly noted prior to your purchase.