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Note: My time has value.  What I do for you is I aim the travel search geared towards the particulars which you will need & desire.  I offer an efficient search for a best price.  

How I Get Paid:
Administrative booking fees are per purchase per item, well worth having a live person to work on your upscale travel package working both for you and on your behalf.  All fares AND prices do come with a up to the minute BEST PRICE GUARANTEE. 

*$25.00 per 1-2 airfare seat purchase.
*$25.00 per 1-2 seat or 1 compartment on Amtrak, RT
*$25.00 per Cruise cabin purchase.
*$25.00 per Hotel or Resort suite purchase.
*$25.00 per HOUR on group rate search purchases.  
*$25.00 per HOUR on excursion search purchases.
*$25.00 Per Car rental purchase.
*$25.00 Per Travel Insurance Policy 
On the International  travel it is necessary but not mandatory to get the insurance.  I will prepare your quote.

DO NOT WORRY, Pricing Strategies Are My Specialty!! 

Refund Note: My refund policy is simple, in the event of any cancellation your administrative fee charge will be non-refundable.  Also, Carmela Murray Travel Agency reserves-the-rights to use in-house coupons and discount codes which will be used but not factored as included into your price total.  All  prices considered as non refundable fares are clearly noted prior to your purchase.  At times,.... itinerary cancellation is non-refundable without a travel insurance policy in place.  This agency is licensed to sell you Travel Insurance & I highly recommend the purchase of a Travel Insurance policy.