Increase the attendance at your events….

Attract new faces at your events by hosting a an advertisement of a travel raffle as an extra added feature to your event. H
ost your raffle using our product to receive an extra added volume of interest for your event. Might we suggest, you can charge an extra raffle fee or include the raffle with the price of the entry ticket.

We offer an affordable price for the 7 night lavish vacations & we offer the 4 day 3 night luxury accommodations for two with 14 months of time to use the gift.

Expand the demographics of your business. Expand the interest & mutual awareness & attention to your events.  Picture this, the Bahamas or the Aruba island or perhaps Puerto Vallarte or Los Cabos Mexico as a destination gift.  Maybe a weekend nearby the Disney World in Orlando as a luxury resort gift as your featured prize. This is a definite WOW factor.  

Call Carmela with your purchase price inquires. (213) 590-5632